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Restricted Replies

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About This File

This plugin will restrict the ability to users reply to topics in specific forums. Only topic author and staff (chosen groups or moderators of the forum) will be able to reply. The editor will not appear for those who cannot reply.


  • Forums where the restriction will be applied
  • Type of restriction: specific groups or moderators of the forum
  • Enable message in topic
  • Type of message
  • Message content

Compatible with Clubs.



Edited by Adriano Faria
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5 hours ago, raza ali said:

It should be allowed the number or thread after then will allowed to reply in section , or mybe somthing like ratio system , like thread and post ratio , should mantin if not then not able to reply .

Why overcomplicate things? User can reply to own topics. That’s all.

That’s the goal of the plugin and that’s what it does. 

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38 minutes ago, nikos32 said:

@Adriano Faria is this compatible with 4.7.1 ? also aren't 12$ kinda lot for this plugin ? 😛 

A ONE-TIME cost with no renewals?  It should be considered a bargain IMO. Many other plugins have a 5-6 renewal fee every 6 months. So after a year, you’ve bought the plugin once. After a few years, you’ve bought it many times over. 

I would not try and argue price too much given it’s a one time cost with updates and support provided. (But that’s just my humble opinion.)

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I didn't argue.

May I ask if this plugin overwrites any of the existing settings ? 

Edit: also you did not even bother to reply if this is compatible with 4.7.1 , the last time you updated it was 2 years ago (hence my question about the price, also 'cause it was at 10$ few weeks ago if I'm not wrong)

Edited by nikos32
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