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Move Field Description Below Title in Forms


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I would like to globally move all Pages field descriptions below the field title in record forms.  Empirical evidence has shown me that people filling out forms DO NOT READ the description *below* the field entry.  I would like them to see the clarifying information from descriptions before they enter the field data.

Descriptions are frequently used for qualifiers, examples, limits, etc for the data to be entered. I don't find it sensible to tell people what they *should have* put in a field *after* they have entered something and moved on. Experience shows me that many skip over it and move on to the next field. 

My hacky workaround has been to mangle the field title by adding an HTML line break and span to get that additional information into the user's eye before they enter something in the field. In addition to making the back end database setup look awful I worry that at some future point the ability to do this may go away (similar to HTML in category names in 4.3, apparently).

Is there a relatively simple way to move the description immediately after the field title? It seems like a custom "form" template would be the way, but darned if I can figure out how to actually do it.

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