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New Device Login Spam?


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I have a user who's reporting getting several emails about a single time logging in with a new device:


Just want to mention that the site rapid fire sends tons of e-mail notifications at once for new device login.

Click to login once, I receive 7 emails about it within 1 minute, half of which end up in Spam folder.

Seems a bit overkill, and unintentional.

I checked our server's mail logs, and it looks like Invision Community somehow queued 7 distinct emails, each were processed by the server. The IPS error logs show two "Something went wrong. Please try again." errors, one from "/login/?do=logout&csrfKey=[redacted]" as a guest, and the next from "/login/?do=logout&_fromLogin=1" as the reporting user. I don't see anything related in any of the PHP logs, or the IPS system logs.

Does anyone know how to investigate this further?

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