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Taking a long shot for 3.4.8


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We've got the old lifetime license for the 3.0X series that is no longer supported.

I recently did a server move from HTTP to HTTS and changed the install to another sub DIR so now I have a few image URL's that need to be edited

Invision deleted my source files out of my Client Area

One file I seem to need is in the Uploads/Profile/index.html

"IF" anyone has this file for 3.4.8 I'd appreciate the content so I can rebuild the html so I can change the URL's to the avatars


If you know of a way via Admin that I can get the file to display avatars.. I'd like to hear it ;)


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Blank!.... Spit.. LMAO.. no wounder

after I got a lot of 500 errors.. normal stuff.. URL changes from the old sub DIR to the new named DIR.. using the inspect in my browser I see;


<img src="https://rsigrowers.com/forum/uploads/profile/photo-thumb-2.gif?_r=0" alt="Free Lime........ - last post by turtleman" class="ipsUserPhoto ipsUserPhoto_mini">

Where /forum/ needs to be edited to /support/ so the URL is correct

I also in the Admin get an Attention Notice that displays;

1 Items Requiring Attention

warning.png Your profile photo directory is not writable
Please check the permissions on the profile photo directory '/home/XYZ/public_html/forum/uploads/profile/' and make sure that it is writable.
BUT Wait!!... Permissions show it is writable for the Owner but not for Group and World.. Odd.. but that has been the permissions since 2004.. :)


using my FTP Client and changing the permissions to 777 I get this as a response;

CWD profile
550 Can't change directory to profile: Permission denied

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