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Help with "Verify Your Google API Project"

Gabriel Torres

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Hi guys,

We recently received a couple of emails from Google titled "Verify Your Google API Project" asking us to fill out the form present at: https://support.google.com/code/contact/oauth_app_verification?authuser=2

This refers to the API that allows users to login to our website using their Google Account.

However, I am confused on how to fill out this form. In particular, I have no idea on what to put in the fields "Project ID," "Which scopes does your app need access to?," and "List the specific ways your app will use each of the scopes you're requesting and explain the features in your app that require these scopes."

Thank you all in advance,


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As far as we're aware at this time, you don't actually need to submit anything for verification for Invision Community.

They're sending these notifications out to anyone that have previously accessed roles that now require verification. It seems to be something related to the Google+ circles role, this may have been used at one time in 3.x. The roles that we currently use do not require validation.

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