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    • By TheVMC
      Would be great to have the ability to add a badge to members based on the number of years the user has been a member.  To be able to add a 5 year, 10 year badge etc... would be really great.
    • By Adriano Faria
      Do you need to track the activities of specific members on your forum? Track Members will allow you to track the steps of any member as they interface with your forum and it is highly configurable to include settings for time frame and a multitude of trackable actions (Account Actions, Profile Actions, Messenger Actions, Content Actions). It also provides settings for automatic member tracking for members being warned as well as new members.  
      There are two Moderator permissions to use the application:
      Can track members? Can view logs from tracked members? - TRACK ACTIONS:
      Account Actions Sign In, Sign Out, Change password, Change email address, Update personal photo and Upload a cover photo Profile Actions Visit a profile, Follow/Unfollow a member, Ignore/Stop ignoring a member, Post a status update and Reply to a status update Messenger Actions Enable/Disable Messenger, Start a new conversation, Reply to a conversation and Left a conversation Content Actions Visit a content item,  Create new content item, Reply/comment on a content item, Review a content item, Respond to a review on a content item, React/Unreact to content items, replies/comments and reviews  and Follow/Unfollow content items/categories Clubs Create a club, Edit club settings, Feature/Unfeature a club, Invite members to a club and Request to join/join/leave a club. Search Use the search system. You will be able to know what your members are searching/looking for and thus make decisions regarding your content.  
      You can choose which setting will be enabled by default in Settings. Disabled settings will not appear to the moderator in the track popup.
      - LOGS
      Logs will be available on:
      Admin CP module App index A tab in user profile Only moderators with proper permisison will be able to view the logs
      You can can track/stop tracking members from:
      app index member profile member mini profile (hover link) ACP member profile  
      Member History: it will be logged the moderator who started and stopped tracking the member Moderator Log: it will be logged the member who is being tracked and also when stopped being tracking  
      - TOOLS
      Track all members from specific group for a defined number of days Stop Tracking All Members Prune Logs Prune Orphaned Logs (logs from members currently not being tracked)  
      - SETTINGS
      Several settings, such as:
      Groups to be tracked Flood time control Number of log entries on App index and in ACP module Trackable actions Integration to Warn System: you can track a warned member for a specific number of days New Members: you can track new members for a specific number of days Prune trackings logs management More...
    • By Arne Postma
      I have noticed that after having activated Stripe as a payment option in my Invision Community Forums that user information is always being sent to m.stripe.com even when a user is not on the store page at all. It just always loads it and logs info. Is there any way that this can be updated to not load the script unless actually doing a checkout? I care about my users their privacy and don't want to be a data collector for a third party.

      Here is someone that documented this issue, and found out what is being logged:
      Stripe is Silently Recording Your Movements On its Customers' Websites · mtlynch.io
    • By ReyDev
      This app allows you to create collection from members and show in TabView and GridView using tons of customization options.

      .: DEMO :.
      Features :
      Collection Add title Select Groups Minimum posts  Minimum reputation Currently online Born on this day Born in this month Number to show Sort by name, post, joined, last activity, last visit, last post, age, reputation, random Sort direction Add cover image Add icon  Add description (on cover) Widgets Add title Show title [Enable | Disable] Select multiple members collection Default theme [Enable | Disable] Show icon [Enable | Disable] Show cover [Enable | Disable] Cover height type [Auto | Fixed] Cover height [Fixed mode] Cover Fill Type [Contain | Cover | Fill] Content Height type [Auto | Fixed] Content height [Fixed mode] Set Border and border-color [Enable | Disable] TabView style Tabbar style [Scroll | Stretch| Wrap] Active text and background item color GridView style Column Number Color Title  Background 2 Default styles  +3 New Styles Fully responsive Mobile and Tablets supported RTL Supported  


    • By Adriano Faria
      About This File
      This plugin will display the country flag of user in several places of the entire suite, including third-party resources. It uses the Geolocation to grab the country when a new user register an account or when existing users logs in on your board. Clicking on the flag will give you a list of all users from that country.
      New members: new members will have their country detected when they register the account Existing members: Just log out and log in to update the country. Or, if allowed by the admin, go to Account Settings and pick your country. Settings:
      Display country flag everywhere: will display the country flag in several places from official apps like on Forums, Gallery, Blogs, Pages, Gallery, Downloads, including its widgets and third-party resources. If disabled, will display the country name + flag only on user profile. Groups allowed to change the country: users from selected groups will be able to change their country on Account Settings. Sometimes Geolocation picks an wrong country, so the user will be able to fix it. Compatibility:
      IPS Community Suite 4.1.X IPS Community Suite 4.0.X  
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