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Help skinning site...

Mark White

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One day in I have already had my slew of ME caused issues...lol

I purchased a skin/theme  for my site

I have all the files...

When I follow the linked pages insiude to where I would find installation instructions I get page no longer available...lol

I bought United we stand for instance...

So how can I get this theme all installed loaded and working.

I searched the boards and I am not able to find it since I know a lot of you folks have I figure ok lets see what yall say...

So there it is...

Thanks as I have repeatedly mentioned and praised the users and support for IPB its clearly hands and feet above Vbull and I just cant say that enough...

Ok Enough kissing butt.'

any one that can guide me through this ?

I have




inside the folder I understand the xml but It would be nice to get a walk through from somewhere so I can get it right the first time...



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I missed the button at the bottom of every page...Let me look..lol


Ok I see it tiny button under the Facebook icon...thanks I did get it installed and running by using XML file install I just for some weird reason was thinking it would need all the files uploaded via FTP It clearly did not.

Once again...

Thanks man.

Im gonna have to add you to next yrs Christmas list...


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