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Google Invalid/Inapplicable Scopes


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I have been sent an email from google regarding my app's use of scopes, and I need to list for them every scope my forum uses. Below is the email. Could someone please direct me to a listing of scopes used? My app currently uses Google Captcha, Maps, Login, Analytics, and Googleplusone sharing.

Dear Developer,

Thank you for your response!

Based on the information you provided, we are unable to determine what scopes your client id 12345 is requesting.

Scope names provided by you are incomplete and thus inapplicable for the verification process. Please submit another Developer Verification Form with all the relevant information. Refer to the full list of OAuth scopes that can be found on the OAuth 2.0 Scopes page.

Please refer 'What are Invalid or Inapplicable scopes' question on our FAQ page as a resource.
Thank you for patience. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions.


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I tried the "I don't know approach" but they sent the email telling me to re-submit it. I just did it and included the API's I see listed in my project, which were part of the instructions to set each feature up:


Google Static Maps API, Google Maps JavaScript API, BigQuery API, Google Cloud SQL, Google Cloud Storage, Google Cloud Storage JSON API, Google Maps Embed API, Google Maps Geocoding API, Stackdriver Debugger API, Stackdriver Logging API 

I will report here the results.

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