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Batch delete attachments... How to ?

Thanh Ha

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When a member's storage reaches the limit, how can he/she delete attachments/images en masse ?  The only method seems to be to open one post, delete the attachment and then open the next post and delete the attachment etc.. 

As a further thought. what is the typical storage limit allocated to members ?




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We didn't set storage limits because file sharing is important social thing. Of course, it depends on your possibilities. So for solve storage size task we start using Ceph system. It's like an Amazon S3 and IPS worked well with Ceph (with little fixes with signatures checks).

About your primary question - there are no good solution for that. You can do it in two ways - 1) your way with edit every post and remove attachment 2) do it from /attachments/ area (member group should have permission for delete attachments from there). First way is not useful. Second way can broke attachments from posts. :(

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