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Paid help to optimise forum

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I am seeing slowness in posting new topics (multiple topics as a result of member clicking reload), sometimes new replies and warning members takes about 30 seconds.
Might be a few more areas, but these are the ones that come to mind now...

Looking for someone who would be willing to have a look at the issue and in return get a few dollars for it.

Send PM if you are interested, please. :D 

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Also can try to play with NOTIFICATIONS_PER_BATCH constant. This constant defines how much items should send synchronously in usertime (your lags).

Default number is 30. So you can try add to constants.php that


and check the result. This params said: if IPS need to send notifications and it number more than two - do it asynchronously with the background job task. If IPS need to send just one notification - do it now.

So with your special results you can tune it for your comfortable.

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This caused because threshold for notifications queue is not = 0 by default. So if topic has more than 0 followers and less than threshold value, then all notifications will be sent immediately with submit reply action.

We had a hot discussion with IPS support about this problem and as a result Lindy replied this:


... I've had a constant added for 4.2.7 that will allow you to set the threshold for what uses the queue. Hope that helps.

So you need to change a value of this constant in order to solve your problem. This will force all notifications go to queue instead of immediate sending and this big lag won't appear anymore. I didn't tested it with constant which @Lindy added, because i've fixed it in my own way before 4.2.7 was released, but looks like it should fix your problem if you'll set NOTIFICATIONS_PER_BATCH to 0.

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So no Sendgrid for us. 

Their reply:

"Thanks for reaching out. SendGrid leverages many different vetting techniques and as such we've determined that you're not a good fit for our platform. Because of this, we will not be able to activate your account. Our system does not provide myself or other members of Support with details regarding decisions made in the sign-up process. As such we are not able to provide any more information to you."


I will check the possible solutions given above. I will get back witj results. 

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