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File Name cut off when importing files from the file system?


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In the Downloads App I recently started using the option to import files from the file system more often. I am using v4.2.6. What I've noticed though is an issue with the file name once the import has finished and the file is then available for download: The first letter always gets cut off.

Example: If I import a file named 'test.zip' it becomes 'est.zip'. The same happens to longer file names: 'what-a-great-file-this-is.rar' becomes 'hat-a-great-file-this-is.rar'.

Is this a known bug?

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On 9.1.2018 at 5:10 PM, Mark H said:

I've not heard of that happening, no.

Assuming you have a publicly available install, please file a ticket to Support about this issue and we'll be glad to investigate.

I've set up a new site very recently and this issue still occurs. I will open a ticket as suggested.

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