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Privacy Shield


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I created a support ticket about privacy shield and the predecessor 2 years ago but IPS wasn't interested enough.

That's the reason why I'm hosting myself on european servers and why I'm NOT using IPS hosting for my commerce communities operating in european countries.

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4 hours ago, Matt said:

My understanding is that the privacy shield won't protected against GDPR when it comes in.


I'm not a lawyer and I can't describe it 100% correct, but my understanding is, that Privacy Shield is a framework, how EU companies can transfer and operate their privacy data of european citizens in the US.


After the cancellation of "safe harbor" (= the predecessor) in 2015 by the EU, we weren't allowed to

  • transfer our communities from europe to united states hosting companies, as the US are considered to have insecure regulations
  • use any bulk mailer companies (like mailchimp at that time), that operate with servers only hosted in the US
  • a.s.o.

unless the according US company, that hosts and processes the privacy data operations "certifies" for privacy shield.

Big companies like google or amazon certified themselves very fast to demonstrate a stronger data privacy handling than it is forced by US law. That was important for them to be protected from EU laws. Because they know, the EU will come one day and sue them extremely high, or in the worst case, just shut down their services.

Another very interesting article is here:


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