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Moving blog entries?


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I've tried asking support, yet here we are. Does anyone know how to move a blog entry to a different blog all together?

I get the following screenshot when I try.


Does anyone else have the issue? On another site of mine blog entries cannot be relocated to another.

The option to move entries within the ACP is absolutely useless.

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I think you’ve definitely found a bug or regression...

I get the same in both the front end and the ACP



This definitely worked in the past as I remember moving blog content to other blogs prior to my migration to IPS from XenForo.

Haven’t disabled plugins/apps yet though to test.

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@Lindy @Matt @Charles

Looks like my support ticket is valid after all, can you please get a support team member to investigate my query properly please?

Although not life or death, having not seen a single reply in X days - after a very quick couple of replies.

Well I feel honestly let down.

(I honestly don't like complaining either, though the support does need more attention IMO - the times I'm told my ACP or FTP details haven't been stored, despite repeatedly adding them and then feeling like my reported concerns are irrelevant). :ph34r:

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