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How can I force an image with url to open in a new tab?


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When adding an image with a clickable url it does open in a new window but the original window is therefore not there unless of course a person uses the back button to return to it.


What i would like is for the original window to remain there and a new tab opening.  Currently editing an image there is no option to force open in new tab

It would be even better if when this new tab was closed the person is still on the original page with image and post.


Thanks if you can help

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How to you add the image and the URL and what is the URL pointing to? I am not really sure what you are doing.

An image by itself should only load the hi-res image as a lighbox. There should be no new window. That would be quite annoying. 
External links attached to it should open as per your global settings. You can have all post links (text or image) open in a new window if you want. 

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Set that setting in the ACP. This will force links posted throughout your community to open in a new browser tab.

If you are dragging images onto the editor as attachments those urls are locked to the image itself.

If you are using that "insert other media" button to add an image from a url, then yes, this is easy.

Add an image that way then edit the image to add a url by hovering over the image in the editor with your mouse, holding ctrl down, and then right clicking. 

Add your url and update.

Save post.


The linked image now opens, when clicked, in a new browser tab.


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