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Chatbox While Looking at Forums?

Guitar Gathering

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9 hours ago, Guitar Gathering said:

Perhaps I'm missing something.  But I can get the side chatbox widget on the home page, but I've had some requests to have the chatbox side widget on other pages so people can read and reply to posts on the board while still seeing the chat.

Can this be done?


yes but need add via each area unlike 3.4.x you need place it on location where need it example in topic view or in shop cart area etc.

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27 minutes ago, Guitar Gathering said:

OK, Thanks. 

Forgive my ignorance on this. But how do I add it to the other pages.  I see how to add the block on the home page but how do I do that on the other pages?

On every page will have block manager here will list the blocks you can add


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28 minutes ago, Guitar Gathering said:

One more Chatbox question.

It has been working fine but just now for no reason it started cutting off the last few letters of text in each sentence.


Any thoughts?


I have guess that widget to small on the width reducing the content or the chatbox has no auto content setting so if display on small area text will be cut off best really ask in support topic might get reply direct from the owner of the chatbox app

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