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Mark multiple topics as read - without reading them


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On 1/5/2018 at 11:33 AM, Joy Rex said:

It has a "Mark Forum As Read" feature, but not at the topic level...

That's a default IPS button on every forum view.


If you wanted select boxes you'd probably have to live with every user seeing that row of select boxes on the right always instead of just mods. That and the only button available to them in the popup at the bottom would be a single icon (of whatever) to mark the selected topics as read.

The other option would be a tiny button somewhere in the topic row to just click. The star/circle on the left serves, when not faded, as not only a sign there are unread topics but also links to the first unread, so wiping that out isn't advisable.  A tiny blip similar to the pagination bits after the title might do it.

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Another enhancement would be (if possible) is send the "read/unread" status onclick, so if someone accidentally marked something as read, they could unmark it by unchecking the box. This would depend on if a topic's read/unread status is stored in the database (I am not sure).

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On 1/5/2018 at 7:13 AM, ChrisVanMeer said:


Does someone know of a plugin / setting to enable a user to mark several topics as read (with the selct boxes) without having to read them or marking the entire forum as read?


Remember that you can click on the forum icon to make all topics within the forum as read.  

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1 hour ago, Joel R said:

Remember that you can click on the forum icon to make all topics within the forum as read.  

Pretty sure he/they know that, they want to flag specific topics in a forum as read/not read.

The way they want it means a javascript mixin, and some permissions checks, and a template hook so those boxes show to others besides mods.

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Sounds like a rather constructed scenario, so I doubt that will get a core feature or marketplace release. You want to read all the topic titles to decide what is interesting or not – but not actually open any of them, because you don’t happen to have enough time right now? Still, you have enough time to manually select 21 topics to mark them read and keep 4 unchecked? Who does that? ;-) And what if the title is too generic and you HAVE to open it to find out it’s interesting or not?

If I want to be sure to revisit a certain topic, I just use bookmarks. Using the unread marker for that and because of that not being able to open it now doesn’t seem all that useful. 

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