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Planned changes on how categories work (Downloads App)?


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So I read the news about the upcoming 4.3 release. Maybe I have overlooked this, maybe it wasn't mentioned at all. But here is a thing I'd like to know more about:

Are there plans to change how categories work (Downloads App)?

It confuses me that if you select a category that contains various sub-categories (with all files being attached to sub-categories), you get a 'There is nothing here yet' page. The way it works seems to be the same like forums and sub-forums. However I see a difference between forums and categories: A parent category should contain all content of all sub-categories, while selecting a sub-category just shows the files within that sub-category.

I did a quick check on some competitors (XF, WCS): They all use categories the way I expected them to work here, too. Sub-categories are like a filter within a parent category. Also, an empty parent category page (due to all files being attached to sub-categories) doesn't look very welcoming.

Are there plans to change something here?
And how do you guys handle your categorization of files within the Downloads App?

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