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How to install into a forum directory


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Hi All,

Haven't been running an IPB site for a few years now, but have a new project I'm working on.

I've installed the software into a "forum" directory, and I recall there used to be some configuration required to get it to play nicely. When I currently visit my domain (eg.www.domain.com) I get an IPB error page:


Sorry, there is a problem

The page you requested does not exist

Error code: 1S160/2


How do I get to redirect to the forum directory?  (eg, www,domain.com/forum).


Many Thanks!

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We used to have an index file you would use in the root for the pages app, it's no longer available or supported though, we recommend that you install the software in the root now, then set pages as the default app, and you get the same results, all built in and clean, with the forums then being served from /forums.


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