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Quick question about PM's


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On this site here while you are in the Messages (PM) section there are several options available including Inbox, New, Drafts etc (see image below)



From my site....



I dont have them on my site nor on some other sites that use this software.  All I have available is Inbox.  I know that I can add new folders so my question is once I make those new folders (New, Drafts etc) do I have to do anything else to make them show what should be in there?  For instance, if I make a new folder called "Sent" will it show the PM that I sent? 

Next question to go along with this is simply is there a way to make those folders so that all user groups have those same folders?  I have checked through the ACP and I dont recall seeing anything that I can do in there for this.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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I recently moved to IPS and yes only have Inbox too.

Im guessing at some point IPS had the old school PM system which used those folders. Now you have Conversations where all the messages are inline like a topic instead of one page per message so you wouldn’t see those folders anymore.

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