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Random Slowness


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Hi guys,

I have my setup with 2 Servers.. 1 is the webserver where the board lives, the second server is the database. All up to date.

My sites fast, as it should be. Its new, has 3 members :) and almost no content, you can see it here www.marketstreetforum.com  (I'm still finalizing setup)

So, randomly the site will slow to like a 30-60 second load time, once in a while I will get the firefox pages cant load error.

The thing is I have looked in my logs and nothing if over run, everything is very underused.

I have plenty of ram, cpu and hdd. My HDD are ssd.  Nothing in my checks indicates anything should be slow...

Any ideas? I am hesitant to send my board out there with this unknown issue unresolved.

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I have a similar issue, but the support said it would be my server.

I highly doubt it though. Very good specs (Dedicated, 32Gb RAM and SSDs) and sql is optimized to max.

I get random slowness posting new replies and new topics.
Warning members however always takes forever and approving topics forever too.

Also seeing double/triple/quad etc. topics, but not unless the user clicks reload, so I am guessing the problem is with ajax something...
The issue to load the reply itself, not writing it to the database.

Anyhow... I have decided to wait for the next version to see if it improves.

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Yeah, my issue is not hardware related, I know this for fact.

  • It happens way to randomly
  • The servers are not being stressed by any means

Only thing about being so random, I cannot reproduce it to show example to tech support. I might go to another platform and dump IPS. I rather lose the money I put in already then deal with lost membership and traffic later on.

I'm going to try and screen cast and get it to reproduce.

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