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Optional declarations for e-commerce pricing/TAX models


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IPS monetization options are becoming more and more complex over a wide range of physical/digital/services offers in use.

What we require is an option for pricing declarations next to each price display anywhere in the community, according to the app / widget used (f.e. IP.Commerce, IP.Downloads, 3rd party Apps)

We already have the option to choose different TAX classes and enter for each TAX class different TAX rates for each country or in general.

But that's the problem! As soon as you use apps mixed up in your IPS community, it isn't stated clear, which TAX class currently is in use (at the moment the price is first shown).

Therefore there should be a common standardization for showing prices everywhere.
Next to each price, there should be an editable 1-line declaration HOW THE PRICE IS APPLIED!

F.e. there are different requirements:

  • Physical products: they are mostly shown incl. national VAT, so let us add a line "incl. XX% VAT" next or below the prices, so it will show: 100$ incl. XX% VAT
  • Digital products: they are mostly shown excl. VAT, especially for selling digital goods in or to the european union, so let us add a line "VAT calculated and added on checkout", or: 100$ + EU-VAT
  • Affiliate products: there are many different options how to price them, so let us add a line "incl. VAT according to affiliate seller terms", so show: 100$ + seller VAT | or 100$ excl. VAT
  • Broker agents: in many times, we don't really sell products by the community, but let community members sell their products. If they do so, they might not be obliged to price with VAT. So show: 100$ / NO VAT applied
  • Raffles: gambling should directly show, that special gambling pricing and VAT rates are applied
  • Using virtual currencies like points systems: 100 points - VAT already paid

You get the point? If you mix up physical / digital / affiliate products, many legal problems could arise, as it isn't clearly stated if a defined or none or whatever TAX class/rate is chosen.

If there could be a single optional line to show up in price displays in apps and widgets, and this line could be just linked to a detailed declaration popup, we could prevent all these problems.

Showing a short declaration link next to each price everywhere in the community should become a standardization.



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