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Most Used Tags

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About This File

This application will list all most used tags in all applications that you have installed on your board: each application that its content item uses tags will have a tab in this resource.


  • Display application icon in tabs?
  • Number of tags to display
  • Order listing
    • Tag
    • Number of uses
    • Number of times prefixed
  • Display tags from apps:
    • All apps that its content items will appear as an option here. So if you don't want to show tags from Calendar, for example, just disable it in this setting


  • Apps tab order are defined in ACP -> System -> Applications. Basically, it will show in this resource the same app order from there.
  • Apps icons are defined by their developer and may happen that more than one app uses the default icon. In this case, you have to request the dev to add an icon to the app.



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What's New in Version 1.0.1:

  • Added a widget to show which tags were most used across the last week, month, year or always.
  • Added a tool on ACP to export all tags used in your board alongside with the number of times each tag were used.
  • Removed the limitation to display maximum of 50 tags in the app

@Joel R, sorry but I gave up of make a pagination. It doesn't use the Table object and if it used, it would have to use the Custom one which is PITA to work because it also doesn't has pagination, so I would need to implement one manually. Tried that in the current set-up and doesn't work fine because the tabs app are ajax loaded, so the "tags" template isn't the same of "tabs" template; "tabs" are loaded only once so the pagination won't get update to the app you're browing.

FWIW, I have removed the limitation of 50 maximum tags in the app.

Thank you.

Edited by Adriano Faria
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19 minutes ago, superj707 said:

that just took me to the home page.

Also I have a separate issue with the widget. it works for a second then contracts to nothing.

widget issue.JPG

The issue is the same and is related to FURL. 

Do you have any other app that uses /tags/ in the URL?

Go to your ACP -> System -> Advanced Configuration-> FURL. Search for tags there or provide access to your ACP.  I can’t do anything else than post guesses here. 

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Well, all resources are tested by some IPS staff and now ALL of them are reviewed. Daniel F now test and view line by line of code from every resource before it goes live to the public. Plus, another user bought, reviewed and I can see it working in his board.

That all leads me to think that there’s an issue in your install, either something I couldn’t foresee or conflict with something else. I can’t do much without take a look. So if this is an issue for you, it’s ok to me. As a side note, you might know that you can restrict the access, which makes the topic you linked a bit non-sense.

Anyway, let me if you want support. 

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It is probably conflicting with Core tags somehow. Take a look in your search for tag.

44 minutes ago, superj707 said:


Appears only one record from my app (second) and the first is from Core app.

Now on my board:


Both are from my app. Second page is empty:


Try to change the FURL from my app to something else, like:


It keeps working to me with mostusedtags instead of tags:


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