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Create + Menu and Status Updates


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I hold a lot of hope for the Create + menu when I'm finally able to upgrade my site to version 4.x. I'm confident it will help many people who, for some reason, find forums structure confusing. So, I find the Create + menu a great thing.

Now, I also find great that Status Updates include photos now (even when the potential to go further is still a big one). But even as they are now, I've thought I could push a Status Updates stream as an alternative menu to lure back the sort of members we've lost to Twitter.

So far, so good, easy to achieve. However, I missed one small obstacle, and that's the fact that while the Create + menu works great for other type of items such as Topics, Blogs, Records, etc; when it comes to Status Updates, if you create one using that menu, while for example seeing any page other than your profile or the "All Activity" stream, the new Status Update is created without you seeing the result. Let's say, you are watching a Status Updates-only stream (like the one I created) and you'll have to refresh the page to know your new Status Update has gone through.

I was thinking that it could be helpful when you submit a new Status Update, regardless of the page or stream you are looking at, for the page to refresh, so if you happen to be looking at any stream that includes Status Updates, you'll see the new one without having to go looking for it.

Either that, or a way of giving some custom streams the ability to auto-refresh like "All Activity"; though if you haven't done that yet I suspect it could be a big strain in the system.

PS, OR the equivalent of post view when it comes to topics/posts. After you submit the new status update you see it on its own, just like I see this post after I submit it. Then the user simply clicks wherever he wants to go next.

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