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Pages: Is there a way to stop articles inheriting blocks?


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As the title says, is there a way of preventing individual articles (or records, items or whatever one calls them) from inheriting the blocks I've added to the page where they are displayed as links or thumbnails?

What I mean is when I open an article, I'd like it to take the full page without sidebar/blocks.

It looks like it's normal IPS behaviour across the board though, as I notice the same happens to Activity streams; if I add blocks to one of them, the other streams get the same blocks too. But just wondering if there's a way of avoiding this, particularly when it comes to Pages.

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Yes, though I can't really explain how you pull this off properly.

You have to add code to the block's template, I was told awhile back but unfortunately I have problems remembering things. A dev will hopefully be nice enough to explain how you carry out the request in code, I do remember having to add the same code but altering the pages ID whereby I didn't want such block showing.

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3 hours ago, shahed said:

See if this do the job

Wow, that was easy. Thanks.


3 hours ago, Kjell Iver Johansen said:

With the design I have on my page the hide sidebar plugin does not work. It makes the page only half in a way on a PC.  It might do the trick for you though - might be something special in my design..

@Martin A. fixed it for my sites and you can see it in action on my articles on https://www.fjellforum.no/

It worked for me but cheers for the head ups anyway.

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