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Posting restrictions redefine - bug or a feature?


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Let's explain some situation:

  1. BadUser posts some bad posts
  2. Moderator1 see extremely bad post and give a warning with a posting restriction - 30 days
  3. Next, Moderator2 see old other bad post and give a second warning with a less posting restriction - 1 hour

What we see after that? We see 1 day posting restriction and 30 days is gone away. In restriction list we see first and see date, when it's given and see time period for deactivate - 29 days. But in profile we have not see any restrictions - because it was rewrited by new one.

I think it's not right logic. Any new posting restriction should check current restriction and if more than new one - NOT redefine it. Or (which is good too) - adding new time to the current time.

Other case:

  1. Give a warning with just 1 point, which will end on the next day. No restrictions
  2. In the same day give a second warning with 0/any points and posting restriction 30 days
  3. On the next day 1 points go to inactive state and... remove posting restriction from second warning! Extremely strange.

In both cases we have not any auto actions/sanctions by points (nothing).

Checked on the clean IPS test installation in the versions, 4.2.6 and 4.2.7.beta3 - same on the all

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That's funny. 

If I were a bad user (and most users kind of know when they're going to be bad), then you might as well be bad ALL the time in the hopes a moderator will override the existing punishment with an easier punishment. Like, all of your posts should be bad because a lifetime ban might be reset with a one hour ban, so you can log back in and be bad some more.  :lol:

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