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files/attachments image pages/areas load full size images.


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If you go to the files system in admin or my attachments in your profile it loads the full size image attachments in an estimated 200 x 200 image container. wouldn't it be better to create a thumbnail for the image file attachments? I know IPS doesn't create thumbnails for image attachments unless you reduce the size in the "maximum image dimensions to display" so don't know how hard it would be to implement it or if you want to do it. but if you have 2 megabyte + image files it does take quite a while sometimes in order to see the attachment images. Just feels like a waste of bandwidth and time in my humble opinion.

Heck I would be happy if it just loaded the thumbnail it creates from the "maximum image dimensions to display" setting at first.

In case there is an option for it or a solution already please do share.

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