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A "Disagree" reaction?


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I mean ... these ARE forums.  You could actually do some forum-ing and respond to the post with a thoughtful and eloquent answer as to why you respectfully disagree.  

Or, I suppose you could reduce the breadth of your intellectual thought down to a single reaction like on Facebook.  You know, the thing that's not supposed to be killing off forums.  

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Not specifically for this board, but I thought it might

And using a disagree reaction doesn't necessarily foreclose on an eloquent argument as to why one disagrees; I always thought reactions were just that - simply gauges of the climate around a remark or answer or whatever.


On 12/15/2017 at 12:15 AM, Matt said:

Here's irony.

If we had a disagree reaction, I'd use it because I disagree that we should have one.

Dude, that's like so meta.....there we go - we need a "meta" reaction. :p

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