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SQL Query for switching forums permissions


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Hi, I have thousands of subforums, and I'm in the process of simulating an upgrade from 3.4 to 4.2 in a different server. Until 3.4 I had search engines as its own group, but I don't think there's a plugin now for doing that, so I will need to treat search engines the same as guests.

I happen to have a few new plans too, like having some subscription memberships but I'd still like everyone to see the topics titles where they can see the forums (even if they cannot read the topics). For that I should switch the option of "Users without read permission can open forum?" to Yes.

With my number of subforums is a daunting task to do this manually, editing thousands of subforums one by one, so I wonder if anyone good at database queries knows a query to switch that option in all subforums to "Yes"... and then I could simply manually deselect where not needed (which happens to be a small number).

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