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Need help getting a simple site set up


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I'm creating a site on www.osrshub.com and I need someone who can help with with a news section on the homepage. 

Each news article will just be a link to a fourm post. 

I'd also like to somehow source control my theme somehow? I have the cloud plan but i need backups and stuff.

Id like to quiz them on a few questions as well if possible. im a web developer myself so i will be doing most of the work myself.

I will pay someone for their time. 



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since you're on the cloud, I can assume that you have the pages application :)
So create a new page for the news section and then use the Topic / Posts widget to link to the content.

Regarding Theme: IPS is already saving the previous versions of the templates and we have a built in compare feature from the ACP, but you're also able to download the theme

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