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Change Group After Ban Member via Warn System

Adriano Faria

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Posted (edited)

@Adriano Faria great plugin. I just noticed that you have this one, and I am going to buy it whenever I renew my license. I have some missing features request/ideas, if possible, to add in the next release in order to make this plugin even greater. 

  1. Add flagged as spammers to change group since they will be banned forever.
  2. Add a setting to have the banned member's username to change to Admins choice.

For example, member username is "CrazyMember" and after he gets banned and moved to the banned group his username changed to "CrazyMember-Banned" to give a chance to others to register the username. Also, a different setting to flagged as spammers to have the username changed to "CrazyMember-Spammer".

Or have them changed to have a fontawesome icon instead next to the banned or flagged as spammer member's username. I do not know if this would work, and it's just an idea. 

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