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Photo Uploading Compression/Resizing Issues - Help!


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I know this has been discussed in the past. And I don't think much has been done to correct it - but perhaps I can get an update please.

My Users are having increasing difficulties uploading photos. They are too lazy to resize themselves and keep trying to upload all kinds of large files from all the new phones. One photo can be 8MB these days. I have checked all the obvious settings like Apache upload limits and limits in ACP. I have a powerful server. But it is difficult getting specifics from Users other than they are getting Upload Failed error messages.


Are photos being compressed yet, if I have them set to be resized? Are normal uploads using ImageMagick. Is that configurable?

Any other feedback or suggestions? I'm about a year behind in upgrading - is there anything new regarding this issue that I may be missing?



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5 hours ago, Joel R said:

Off the top of my head, make sure you check the settings for file attachments and gallery images.  

Also, you may want to strongly consider using Amazon S3 for your images.  You can also check out Kraken by @stoo2000 in the IPS Marketplace which optimizes your images using the kraken image service.  

Yeah, Stoo's plugin is fantastic if you're using the File System storage method. He's been EXTREMELY helpful with the plugin getting it to work with Amazon S3 + CloudFront, but I think we may be swapping to use a Lambda function for this. We'll see :p


Edit: Imagick is an option available if you have the extension active. You may be able to change it's variables, but it's probably better to use Amazon S3 for your image storage, and use CloudFront (Amazon's CDN) to deliver them. We saw great improvements with this.

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