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License error remains.... HELP


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I am having problems connecting to license url  remoteservices.invisionpower.com

The license error started a few days ago and I looked and I had my old domain name listed on license.

Support here changed it for me top the correct domain.

The license error stil remains and it takes FOREVER to connect to admin panel.

The site seems to run okay but connection to admin is WAY SLOW.

My server support had checked and said there is no problem connecting to remoteservices.invisionpower.com.

The Support here doesn't want to help me, so does anyone ever have this problem or any tips on fixing this issue.

thank you


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Have you tried the 'Support' tool in the admin panel itself ? :)

That may point towards any issues possibly.

I take it there is nothing in the server logs ?


It may not be related but I do note on my localhost install *if* there is no outbound connection access initial login to the ACP does take a bit longer than normal, as I think its waiting for Google.

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