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Admin posts are slow


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Hi there,

I have been running 4.2.6 for a day now and still am trying to learn the ins and outs.
One thing that is strange is that when an Admin (which is also in the moderator group) posts to a topic, when clicking on the post button, it says Saving... for about 10 seconds and then posts the reaction.

When a "normal" user does this, it is instant.

Could you please point me in the right direction to look?

Thank you very much in advance!

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Just so you know, I've contacted Support and they have concluded that the culprit is phpMailer.
SMTP didn't solve it for me as well, I'm sure it's a problem with the hosting provider.

Temperarily disabling the email notifications for threads speeded up my forum to the level it should be.
So, problem "resolved".

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