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Additional options for IPB embed behavior.


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By default IP embed images are the FIRST image in the topic. I have some topics that are ongoing with thousands of replies. The default first image can get a little stale after awhile.

Requesting a simple plugin that allows behavior per "forum" to be changed from default first image to "MOST RECENT" image.  This will allow embed images that I am using on the home page to stay fresh when topics come up over and over again.

I am using supergrid and it grabs the embed image.


It's always the same image. This plugin being requested will allow behavior to be changed to MOST recent image.



Can pay if any dev is interested in this project.

Thank you :)



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1 hour ago, Adriano Faria said:

Just to let things pretty clear hear: I see you just bought my plugin (you are even its screenshot!) and I said I won’t add this. You are NOT authorized to give my plugin to anyone else to make it as a base to a new plugin!

Wow! Why would you even accuse me of this? Pretty rude to be honest. I bought your app so I can use it and have some manual control over which image is used on my home page. Your idea never crossed my mind. I already know you won’t add this simple addition. That was clear. Doesn’t mean I am trying to sabatoge you.  

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