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Sign up and term page template changes


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I have customized the header of our website and it comes same in all the topic, profile etc pages of forum.
But when I tried to login in the website with wrong username /password, it brings to default login page say for example : https://invisioncommunity.com/login/
 You can see that https://invisioncommunity.com has the same header as it's login page.
But in our case, header get changed.
Home page :
Sign in error page : http://prntscr.com/hhp6pr

We're not getting what's wrong with the sign in page.

Note : We have attached 2 files here for reference.
Please help !




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The same globalTemplate template is used, we simply use the CSS class 'ipsLayout_minimal' on the body tag to adjust the layout.

Note that the navBar template specifically also checks if this CSS class is used to adjust the HTML being output, so just removing the class in your devtools won't add the navBar template contents back in. You'd need to edit this template to stop doing that.

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Yes, that I know.
Body tag is looking like this :

<body class='ipsApp ipsApp_front {{if isset( \IPS\Request::i()->cookie['hasJS'] )}}ipsJS_has{{else}}ipsJS_none{{endif}} ipsClearfix{{foreach output.bodyClasses as $class}} {$class}{{endforeach}}' {{if output.globalControllers}}data-controller='{expression="implode( ',', output.globalControllers )"}'{{endif}} {{if isset( output.inlineMessage )}}data-message="{expression="output.inlineMessage"}"{{endif}} data-pageApp='{$location['app']}' data-pageLocation='front' data-pageModule='{$location['module']}' data-pageController='{$location['controller']}'>

Can I know which condition is applying for 'ipsLayout_minimal' ? So I can remove it for specific pages.


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