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Emoticons - set standard size

Alexander R. Gruber

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Hello, I want to set a standard size for uploaded emoticons. The emoticons I've uploaded are 128x128px but I want to display them in the text editor and on the forum with 30px (so that the user doesn't have to resize it by hand since 128px is quite large). Since I didn't see any options in the menu, where would I have to change the css? I know it should be something like "max-height: 30px" but I can't really figure out which style sheet I need and where I have to add this.

Thanks in advance!

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16 minutes ago, Alexander R. Gruber said:

Thanks, it works so far with pasting the emoticons in the text editor. :) Is there also any way to set the max-heigt to a certain emoticons category?

No. The category data isn’t part of the code that is created. You can however address each emoticon by its title if you really need to set different values.

img[title=":heart-eyes:"] { //something }


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