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[FEATURE] Make Club events into championships

Steph Jensen

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I've boiled this down to being an extra feature few fields to the calendar in the clubs and some additional pages/features.

Basically, add a field to any user who has signed up to a calendar event in the club, to assign points from that event.
Sort users who have signed up, based on points (after they have been typed in)
Optionally group calendar events into series, and calculate standings based on points scored across each event in that series.

Extra needed features:
Add option to create series (grouping of events)
Add option to mark a series competed
Add page to clubs to show standings for each active series
Add page to show completed standings
Add two fields to each user who has signed up to an event, for points and one for comments (to describe any penalties or other details)
Add option to manually add dummy users (users who have participated in the event, but not signed up to the site)
Add option to allow a new user to claim a dummy account.


This feature can be used for any sports activities (running, swimming, ball games, darts etc) or motorsports, board games, golf and many many more!

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