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First to mention,
I have 2 sites using IPB and both sites use the cms news features extensively. Before this many moons ago using 3.4 articles were presented in a style that would put the article image in the top left and then wrap text around that, same as 4 series. As the text would then drop below the article image the text would of course drop below the article image and keep going in full width of the content area. This is just me speaking of course, but I always thought that was somewhat a convoluted way to deliver content. The difference in the drop from the image height to the drop below and the transformation to full content width is just imo less than a favorable look and is distracting. So anyhow, I've noticed that trend has finally after a major long haul taken a backseat ride to town old school and has finally hit retirement in the biog leagues :D The way most news works now is by using the entire content width from top to bottom. Much much cleaner and less distracting. To show you how dominate this style has become

FOX News
With video
With Image



With Video

With Image

A different but similar appraoch as the others

Again, same concept however they also took a slight different approach and use a video strip above everything instead of in the article. But the article is still inline and clean


And I can go on here with examples of what's trending but I think it's very evident in just the examples I left of just some of the top news sites out there.. I also notice the article image breaks outside the container in mobile when de-sized completely and pushes right, this style would alleviate any issues with wrapping and mobile because everything sits inline. Not sure what others think, but I kinda like the bigger lead image and lead video for the article.

But this is just one persons opinion! What about everyone's? A poll is included.

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