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Bulk Mail Enhancement


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I am currently using a newsletter app for my community, but I think IPS could add a few features to bulk mail to make it work similarly. Maybe it's something that gets enhanced if you have the pages app, let's say.

1. Ability to use custom created blocks from pages app with tags like you would in other sections of IPS. 

2. Ability to use custom ad tags so that you can sell banner ads with commerce for a mail distribution placement.

3. Ability to schedule and add reoccurring repeat sends.

4. Maybe some default blocks for topic feed, gallery, feed, etc.

5. Ability to remove the opening Hi Member, within each bulk mail.

6. Expand on these tags with community content/feed blocks. Currently there are:

  • {member_id}
    The member ID of the mail recipient
  • {member_name}
    The display name of the mail recipient
  • {member_url}
    The profile URL of the recipient
  • {member_joined}
    The join date of the mail recipient
  • {member_last_visit}
    The date that the mail recipient last visited the site
  • {member_posts}
    The number of posts for the mail recipient
  • {reg_total}
    The total number of registered members
  • {suite_name}
    The name of your site
  • {suite_url}
    The URL to your site
  • {busy_count}
    The most number of users online
  • {busy_time}
    The time that the most number of members were online


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