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Commerce: Renewal Setting Improvement (important)

Tom S.

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It is currently not possible to give your customers the option to manually pay an invoice early or wait for the automatic renewal to kick in once the product expires.

If you set the option "Customer can renew" for something like 7 days. If they have a card saved it will automatically bill them immediately once the invoice is generated. (so 7 days before the product expires)

It's not a good experience for the customer to be automatically billed a week before their renewal (if they have auto renew on). Yet, I still want to give the option for members who don't have their card saved to pay the invoice early so that their product doesn't run the risk of expiring.

So, I'm left in a position where I would like to set it to 7 days but I can't set it to more than 1 day because automatic renewals should always happen as the expiry date is reached.

I hope I was able to make myself clear and that the importance of this feature be taken into account.

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