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Inconsisten Tabs Hover Effect


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Issue Preamble

This issue seems very minor, but it creates unforeseen, difficult-to-fix issues down the road for the owner of IPS.

What Is It?

Hovering the mouse over tabs has different effects in different browsers and even different machines. Here is an example of how hovering the cursor over menu tabs has different effects in Firefox and Edge:


- No tabs were clicked in this GIF.

Double The Inconsistency!

I know for a fact that the inconsistency does not show up on all computers. I have the issue on my desktop, but I didn't have it last time I checked on my laptop (using the same browser with the same update). So this isn't just inconsistent between browsers but also users/computers.

This makes the issue extremely hard to fix, prevent or work around for IPS owners and skin creators. And it WILL frustrate users, as I'll explain below.

When Is It Worst?

This little inconsistency or bug will create issues for an unknown percentage of our users, when the forum is using different skins than the original.

As an example, it means that I have to click twice on any menu item with the skin I am using, when I use my desktop with Firefox or Chrome (such an insult that it only works as intended on Edge, haha).

With the skin I am using, a drop down menu appears when I hover. But in Chrome/Firefox, I have to click twice for it to react in Chrome/FF, because of this seemingly harmless inconsistency in the default theme.

New users experiencing this issue will most likely just go away and not come back, without reporting the (for them) glaringly obvious issue. And if they do report it but you as an owner don't have the same issue, what can you really do if you can't reproduce it?

If you feel like it, you can check out if you have the same issue or not on my site, www.uniforum.dk - that is where I've done all my testing and had any issues. However, I've seen other IPS owners on other forums than mine have the same issue.

Closing Thoughts

You could say that this is a skin-creator issue, but really it is not, IMHO. They can't take into account issues that they cannot necessarily reproduce.

I hope someone here has the experience needed and can take a look into something as inconsistent as this. Cheers!

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