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Issue With Indexing of Database (In House Migration)


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Over the past year we've been migrating a large site (hundreds of thousands of items in various sections) from a relatively unknown CMS to IPB, using an in house developer. The developer has built scripts to move the database fields across to the corresponding ipb fields, and we're almost at the end now. However, we've got one problem that is still causing issues.

Even though all the data exists in the database, and is even there when one browses the relevant pages app, the items in the DB aren't being indexed into the caching (so they do not appear in some widgets and searches).

This is resolved on a single item by editing it and saving it. The process of saving the item, then obviously triggers the system into updating it into the index/caching. However, with so many items it isn't realistic to go and edit each one manually and resave it.

Does anyone know of any way to kick off that same process of getting the items reindexed/cached? Perhaps someone who has done a similar migration.

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