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2F173/I error while editing comment

Andrey Enkin

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This problem appears to be both in 4.2.4 and 4.2.6  after upgrading my community.

Most comments in forum topics can be edited without any errors, but some - can't. Both users and admins cannot edit their own and other's comments.

Rebuilding the cache had no effect.

Comments look similar in database and can be found easily in forums_posts table by pid value.

Anyone have met such error?

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Even admin with all permissions enabled faces with this error. And what is the most strange thing, is that admins can edit some comments, and some - can not. Same story with users - they all can edit their comments, but only certain comment editing returns error. In forums_posts table there is no difference between "correct" comments and the buggy ones.

IPS Support said nothing but "update your installation to 4.2.6", I did, but it has not solve the problem.

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There are too many incorrect links on your site,
for example, if you confirm consent to cookies following a link 'Согласие на обработку персональных данных' you are on a non-existent page -

see this link http://fisher.spb.ru/user-personal-data-agreement.pdf

Also your site have bad request -> http://fisher.spb.ru/forums/styles/gradblue/tableheadbg4.gif

Check your templates - there are probably accrual errors and they create issues when editing comments


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16 hours ago, Adlago said:

Try - move a topic with comments you can not edit in another forum section. In a new location try editing whether.

I don't know what happened after creating new topic, but after this action all uneditable comment have become editable! No errors today in log.

Moderators say that first error case was after splitting topics and moving comments to another one. 

Still can't find out the reason of error, but maybe this topic will help someone.

@Adlago , thanks for your suggestions!

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I've just had this exact same issue. Fixed after reading this topic by creating a new topic.Also noticed that site has turned itself off line and lost the license key. Support call logged but not sure if they will be able to spot the issue. Seems like a corrupt record or locked record somewhere perhaps?

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