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Suppliers option for Commerce


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I need my website to sell, among other products, some that are outsourced/brokered - so basically what I would need to have is an ability to individually specify payment details for each product, so that the supplier of a certain product would get the payment with order details themselves directly. Officially, I need to have it looking like an integral webshop that the Commerce is but to have a text field or a logo added to the description (though it can ultimately be added manually for each product).

Oh and I would also need an ability to have a discount code applied, not sure if Commerce has that option built in already or not.

Long shot but who knows... :)

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You can ...

1. Contact developers for custom work if you're rolling in money.  (Third party developers can be found under Resources)

2. You can check out Sales Portal Pro by @Spanner or Classifieds by @Adriano FariaFaria3FariaFari

3.  If you're selling digital goods, you can (maybe - no promises here) use a combination of Clubs and IP.Downloads for users to sell digital goods in their own digital storefront.  

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