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Joel R

ANNOUNCEMENT: Marketplace Black Friday Sale

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My plugins are now available on a "Buy one, get one of equal or lesser value free" basis so if you buy one and would like to take advantage of this offer then just send me a PM and tell me which plugin you would like free and I'll sort things out as soon as I can.

Note: I am also backdating this offer to the 17th November - I will be in touch with those who have purchased any of my plugins between the 17th and now so that they can take advantage of this offer too.

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I just want to let you know that you can purchase some of my files with 15% off.


Payment Gateways

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Black Friday Sale - All my apps and plugins will be up to 50% off. View my Marketplace listings here.

Special Bonus Deals
I'll be having special bonus deals throughout the Marketplace sales event. The following deal will kick this off for the next 24 hours.
Forms 75% Off. Was $40. Now $10


Backdated Discount
Anyone who purchased a now discounted app or plugin from the IPS Marketplace or Devfuse.com within the last 3 months will receive the discounted equivalent to be spent on another file of mine. So for example, if you purchase a $20 app that is now $10. You will have $10 left to spend on another file of mine. Please PM me with the app/plugin you purchased and the discounted difference and the app or plugin that does not exceed that value you would like to get.



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Prices are live through Monday! Don't forget to grab these apps at rock bottom prices.





Rules Super Pack - Rules Core + All Expansions
(70% Off)              $135.00  $39.99

Group Collaboration - FULL
(50% Off)              $75.00  $34.99

Advanced Path Aliases
(20% Off)              $25.00  $19.99

Points Economy
(50% Off)              $20.00  $9.99

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On 11/24/2017 at 11:56 AM, Mike John said:

Special Bonus Deals
I'll be having special bonus deals throughout the Marketplace sales event. The following deal will kick this off for the next 24 hours.

I'm going to change things up a bit for the next 24 hour deal. Purchase a copy of my Videos app and get your copy upgraded to a lifetime license.
Deal Terms: This offer is not back dated for previous purchases. Limited to the first 20 customers and 1 lifetime license per customer. Incredibly excessive abuse of lifetime support will result in downgrade to a yearly license.

Deal expired.


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On ‎23‎/‎11‎/‎2017 at 11:17 PM, stoo2000 said:

I've just put up my Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals including:

33% off:


33% off:


And a BRAND NEW app with a great introductory discount of 50% for Black Friday!


All prices will return to normal at the end of Cyber Monday.

Reminder: My Thanksgiving deals will be ending at midnight tonight (GMT). Get them at a discount whilst you still can!

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Cyber Monday deals continue in the IPS Marketplace with the best prices of the entire year.  This is the first-ever and largest sales in the history of the IPS Marketplace, so don't miss out on the most amazing holiday prices from the best themers, coders, and authors!  

Don't buy just one theme.  Stack up on several themes from your favorite designers, so you can rotate themes every month for the next year for holidays, special events, anniversary, or seasonal motifs!  Almost all of the most trusted and top IPS themers are participating.  Here's a quick overview: 

@TAMAN Shop his themes >>

58b58ae210e0b_ThreeColumnFirstFeatured-IPSCommunitySuite_20170228173019.png.9dff98fb0d007f34d0396b49346c3528.thumb.png.f6c67600d6ccf58bcfe1e139b2a1befd.png 58dbbdf873a4a_Forums-IPSCommunitySuite_20170329152608-min.png.69e63e9d4cd722945542c0166280b6ed.thumb.png.d0840dbc978e574df053001ed46a1c04.png infraskew3-min.png.6d1c3327718aa9152c8e48e4565196b9.thumb.png.f54e4c1a8b49ad5731c6151f492834ce.png

 @Veilon  Shop his themes >>

ava.png.5b0a242db9bdbac79888ebed35a227b4.png.afe99c7ae45f519af384fa02e20ccc93.png Surface.png.7ad00ccaefd59ec941b4a61b6ff86355.png.54fd119a50b74beb1a93339bb9a3de7d.png 20160307150647820avatar.png.99c3dc21a20f6275ea0cea0061fb78a1.png.53fbdd2d306fc62016625a2dd2237911.png


@ipbhero Shop his themes >>

shot1.png.03c89a88b73b82d251fc4ed680907da5.thumb.png.951b2ff785cc2332bfdd8aba60bd644e.png christmas-2017.jpg.6e0a1b61b1dafdb6869da33fe645fc96.thumb.jpg.aa095863c9c9359835cfc5a2e5337638.jpg nikan-theme.jpg.8d8063c921ced269f481718b247d0e52.jpg.cf48d007cfff640bffee1cce18d0da5d.jpg


@Brian A. Shop his themes >>

Melody_thumbnail.png.64127ba0e1457ebbf3026b141c4c1db4.png.a331b3add452f0bb80bbbc18163c79ae.png Minty_4.0_thumbnail.png.90d4ed30d4e4d1246c6c572e979906d7.png.fa4f97a3876d702e01c1b1541422fe61.png Bolt_theme_thumbnail.png.a4d84a3dc732033e3142d3e2c3e6a8d7.png.399274ae60512127bfe25967a82587bf.png


@steve00 Shop his themes >>

responsive.jpg.a9c05ee4cfe72df170d40c450a098275.thumb.jpg.9ee716f92c5f8589588dfa90e563685e.jpg forum2.jpg.d85f465824c376d4ef95f9e13e3953ee.thumb.jpg.b12f87604486a082b3bb6396a72b0222.jpg responsive1.jpg.9f1a91f66e385bc033be848c1ca93311.jpg.2d018e657616134e6923cb99090c2e91.jpg


@ehren. Shop his themes >>

macbook.jpg.8935c1003dba664f612f3cb4cccb0b21.thumb.jpg.507a7fc47201a1ecf2fc17bb6f84a26f.jpg macbook.jpg.5c5bb0fef8dbf8c1673ec7f280c89880.thumb.jpg.379fd18bfedd4e4feded03bd81586893.jpg macbook.jpg.59d99b5f689f4a1805f7525d1f095b75.thumb.jpg.85403b446ebf63208fca933e3df5dfff.jpg


@IBTheme Shop her themes >>

Dream_00.png.0e3f8d2a60742c25007ef6971f4b248c.png.a258decd684056fea22dc7c704ac0b89.png Versa_00.png.40a9490616f7492ce8d6c411678f0823.png.f711b498e7d618d03ed1902cfc877498.png Luxury_00.png.7ac0660c063e5c52f972056f108936c8.png.cadb012e6d4ee2cc3eb62ebbfd60bf12.png


@Volpe Shop his themes >>

front1.png.728685b77c9c4dacac002e55f2197bdf.thumb.png.59d5a39f40b8193561c9aae587ada684.png 59d7a18e0c4e8_Fullwidth.jpg.ef932687035b8e4219c245941b14f7ac.thumb.jpg.580336394dd5a5a1206aa09171386f70.jpg awatar.jpg.56ce5d3d24999e0ba31317b45139535b.jpg.720cb499ee1a4f0810bcfe510d99c4a9.jpg 

@OsmanK Shop his themes >>

nerva-thumb.png.523bd5cd998f3d1f2da76eab1467a11b.png.bf8c81e0186b84e93816fa619e04cd68.png 1505661615.png.0c455bfa957ab3bca1346805a2a8fd86.png.907ab7f0e098ba43a3c4d096eefc82f7.png envision-light-thumb.png.2874c255d544adcff5cf83702dfd0784.png.8f5342530710231858dca82bedff1fd5.png


@Pete T Shop his themes >>

rush42.png.22a35c83545de36710894213e831f81c.png.6144e309791e75e8cb931e22e52bcd8d.png simplify.png.2607d0a771eaaa076d5b4d55ce82a7e4.png.654c7d1c91e6385576ed62747c6f44c9.png cosmic.png.295e2a8aba0496bb4d17bd1427f8ae57.png.b1579411dca06e7a8437e9ce68a1f09e.png


(Look for the "Black Friday" specials when you browse their files.)

Several authors have special discounting for limited times or coupon codes, so be sure to shop around and buy while you can - because these prices won't last!  The most amazing sale in the IPS community only goes for another week, so this is the best time to buy for the entire year!

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The Marketplace's most popular developers and coders also launched their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, with several offering some spectacular deals.  Several of these developers are also some of the most helpful and active developers in the IPS community, so this is a great way to support your most favorite coder.  To guide you in the year's biggest shopping spree, here are highlights of some of the best apps you need to snatch up at bargain prices!


@Aiwa Shop his files >>

Do you run a gaming community for your clan or league?  Then you must buy Steam Profile Integration, to connect the world's largest gaming platform to your Invision community.  His app is over 20% off!  Even if your community isn't gaming oriented, you can still add the login integration for easier one-click sign-in!



@CodingJungle Shop his files >>

SECRET SALE ALERT!! CJ is hosting a "CyberCodingJungle" sale on his own website https://codingjungle.com, which is unmatched on the IPS Marketplace.  He's holding an extra-long cyber sale all the way until Christmas Eve using a special code.  I'm not going to tell you what the code is, but it gives you a 20% discount on everything on his website including his popular Babble chat.  

babble.png.a8dae177cfb6da39880c4d60b1c2b70f.png.314602d6af44d636344e1de7dbd6884f.png 5956988fdad57_DownloadsPlusMarketplaceCover.png.12fc23105a492f5f5fbf24bf83eadec9.png.3e47fa98f52ef986fd86cc13726e0db6.png keywords.png.39d54848cf2c5fca3abe6ae46c94ac0d.png.ac9b31e36e0d3b06e997857cd0b18b49.png


@All Astronauts Shop his files >>

Customize almost everything with the suite of plugins by AllAstronauts from the navigation bar, to the forum layout, to gallery layout, to search, to your girlfriend.  (Kidding about that last one. You're on your own.)  

ks-square.thumb.png.4af69a54ff81cb40ed70f3fd8ea1858d.png.e78a44415fb09e2ffc890e0f5e58559d.png Searchlight.png.d31bfcac1a0f4a9a990501fff5685c54.png.c61d0c2f07eb0b106d1de221818f8f05.png groundcontrol_square.png.d4527c73e75939a3f40a39ba45091b76.png.4e2227e8fddbd1695e38403527e7216d.png


@TheJackal84 Shop his files >>

SECRET SALE ALERT!! TheJackal84 is hosting a special sale on his own website IPSDev.org where you can redeem vouchers up to (and hold your breath) 50% off your entire purchase on his site!  It's on a first-come-first-serve basis and the coupons are tiered 25% - 35% - 50% so you'll need to rush if you want.  At the same time, he's throwing out more rebates than Kohl's (!) with a $10 gift card if you spend $50 to be used on any future renewal or future purchase. 

ImageBlock.png.079c8893ddc2dd6e3132c505e2102d7b.png.df3ebc37faa30c3a88094172eaaa871f.png 1Front.png.f5a5d1a039fc6de439f273fcfcb4c2aa.png.7dd3ca37589eaf53ce66bb38f6bab6c3.png euip5.png.0927214ab2d240ae75c0b73446feb4cb.png.456ef89280112c00a0ff2442cb0a5850.png    


@stoo2000 Shop his files >>

EARLY COUNTDOWN!! You only have hours to grab his sales before it ends at 12:00 PM GMT, so you need to run - not walk - over to stoo200's files and see if you can grab some of the best utility apps that every Invision Community must have such as Mail Bouncer.  

acptable.PNG.1ac6429249b63000935645aa2bc9a2ff.thumb.png.5cd6975091221f9debc96aa74ca20243.png wordpresssso-login.PNG.619f12a856edbe7fef1b16abb3474f52.thumb.png.9a57cc4897d755ee426504d089078a86.png feedbackindex.PNG.503ac0396a18e2a96c251b942634a184.thumb.png.5b7b1d456cc35a2fcbe17147c35e6244.png


@opentype Shop his files >>

BOGO - Buy One Get One Free!!  The master of IP.Pages is hosting a "SuperSale" with his super line of Page templates.  Snatch them all up using his amazing BOGO special and give your community a makeover with his line of templates that turn the default articles into completely new designs.  

01frontpage.jpg.0168ab37dc310a582fd6e1b5a66bf1b9.thumb.jpg.3cd83b7eccf8cbdba1ba8a993ce8ea7c.jpg frontpage1.jpg.d1f97eda169b4515aa695540466d3583.thumb.jpg.05adc2264bb939af3fa42c20002a77de.jpg home.jpg.74ff0cbfe5cbd7f93b77fe409334d6dc.thumb.jpg.8caaa388d58b2b167b932c648a031dab.jpg


@IPBWI.com Matthias Reuter Shop his files >>

When you think IPS + Wordpress, you should think Matthias Reuter.  He's famous for his suite of Wordpress plugins and applications that include everything from  Wordpress + IPS login integration to advanced integration for commenting and group sync.  Matthias is THE trusted source for ongoing WordPress integration and development.  

logo.png.5a989b32f1c2386d01ebc4f67f973054.thumb.png.dc8f9cedd5013542bf4c7f8b8fac418a.png logo.png.771cb357eac75eaea1812f13a108fef2.thumb.png.704f3f95e153eef9ab5bed1b355b220b.png logo.png.af988e9b8398bb1206e5c2ffed0419be.thumb.png.a0044c933d488f158e03cbfe7623f564.png


There might be more secret sales and special discounts that I'm not aware - the sales are too amazing and I can barely keep up!  If you find any, please post in here so others can discover them.  And if you see an app or plugin you like, buy now while you can to lock in the savings.  I bought several apps myself over the weekend and haven't even had a chance to install them.  This is a way for the great folks in the IPS Marketplace to give back to the Invision Community in a huge community initiative, so we'd love to see every IPS client find a great deal they can't resist!  You'll find the best savings all year only in this one week, so you should grab everything you want and more! 

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The IPS Marketplace Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale is coming to a close tomorrow Sunday Dec 3 2017!  You have one last day to get the best deals of the year on the biggest sale from the IPS Marketplace!  Get your last minute shopping done.  You still have some crazy good deals with most of the major developers and themers, and Santa says the clock is ticking down!  


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