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Incorrect string value during convert


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I'm trying to convert my SMF 2.0 board to the newest ipboard, but I can't manage with the error i got :

IPS\convert\_Library::process: Incorrect string value: '\xC4Od_se...' for column 'log_message' at row 1


I read that I should change the column's collation to utf8mb4 but it didn't help. Any suggestions?



I commented this line:

        \IPS\Db::i()->insert( 'convert_logs', array(
            'log_message'    => $message,
             'log_app'        => $this->app_id,
             'log_severity'    => $severity,
             'log_method'    => $method,
             'log_item_id'    => $id,
             'log_time'        => time()
         ) );

and it works :p 

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