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lofiversion - few doubts


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Hi All,

Can you please tell me what does these URLs mean in lofiversion ?

- I think this is Topic Id # 48308

- I think this is Post # 1150 in the Topic Id # 48308

- I think this is Forum Id # 5 

- ???

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22 hours ago, Nathan Explosion said:

Correct on all. And ??? is the 63rd page of a forum view showing a listing 150 topics at a time......

f-0.html = page 1 showing 150 topics

f-150.html = page 2 showing another 150 topics

and so on....


Thank You Nathan.

For some reason, these LOFI pages were getting indexed in Google.

I want to write htaccess redirect rules for them and wanted to know what exactly these links stand for.

Thanks again for the help.

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