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How can I delete all validating members?


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I really really need this.

I currently have about 30 pages of validating members from over the years that I want to just bulk delete

I dont' want to sit and individually click to delete each one as that's way too laborious a task and isn't the most streamlined process with the new version

Is there a way to select all validating members and delete their accounts?

This is very important to me and any help would be very much valued :-)

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On 13/11/2017 at 2:35 PM, Bluto said:

@Sheffielder Member Settings > Registration > Remove unvalidated members > After 1 days.  That will remove them all in 1 day.  

I keep mine set at 1 day.  In my experience, if they haven't validated their email in 1 day, they never will.

Ahhh I'm basically after deleting all outstanding validations that the admin have to do

E.g a member registers, then validates their email, but then sits waiting for admin to validate them - I need to delete all those.


On 13/11/2017 at 2:39 PM, Daniel F said:

You can also filter by the validating members on the ACP => Members Page and then delete them all at once.

Hey Daniel,

I can go to the members page and press the 'validating' button to filter them but there doesn't seem to be any delete all option?

On older versions there was a tick box next to them - I could then select all (at which point the tick boxes were ticked) and then press delete and they'd all be gone

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This is a really old post but I have the same problem and it doesn't look like it was ever solved. I'm getting spammed with bot signups that are making it past email validation. I've fixed that now but am left with a bunch of accounts that were flagged as possible spammers and are now listed as "This member must be approved manually." How do I bulk delete these users? I have 89 pages of them so can't do it manually!

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