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Cleaning up database

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There are a few generic things you can do first:

  • If you are using a database table prefix (such as ibf_) then you can start by removing any tables that do not start with this prefix
  • After the table prefix, all tables are now prefixed with their application (e.g. ibf_core_*, ibf_gallery_* and so forth) so you can remove any tables that do not correspond to a current valid installed application.

Beyond that, you would need to compare the tables to what are presently used. The easiest route as suggested by Joel is probably to perform a fresh installation somewhere and then manually compare the tables.

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24 minutes ago, media said:

I am not comfortable to do this by myself.... :( :unsure:

Is there anyway IPB would write a new script and figure out which database are not in USE or OLD?

Then I can check those and make sure that safe to delete (double check)

I doubt that Ipb would write a script for it. But you can request one in the request section.

Anyways, make a backup of the database before you start deleting stuff from it.

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