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New monetization models with crypto-mining scripts


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With crypto-mining scripts, members grant CPU power in exchange for whatever (i.e. VIP memberships).

Look here: https://coinhive.com/

This might be an idea for a great addon, a new IPS module or third party plugin.

Members don't want to pay money for memberships directly, but they might be willing in to pay with CPU power while browsing our communities.

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I read about solutions, in that members consciously accept certain fair and legally confirmed agreements, and finally it's generating the most benefits for the members. I reckon there will be search engine providers and legal constellations, in which a coexistant usage might be allowed. Virtual coin currencies and "mining affiliate banks" are conquering our digital world more and more.

On top of that, I f.e. never used Adsense. I provide my own commercial ads and services and love to see my community (and others) ad-free from external contents and competitors. But if I would use Adsense, I would certainly do the test, to substitude it. So in any way, new models are a chance to win.

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